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Australia, Education for the World

When people want to talk about education, often, they focus their attention in Australia. Why this country? The Australian Education System has proved its efficacy bringing to Australian people the opportunity to study what they want and to be employed by people that require their abilities. However, people may think that all of this can only work for Australian people; nothing could be further from the truth, the reality is that the education in Australia is not only for Australian people but also to the rest of the world. Since many years, education is one of these hobbyhorses due to its academic excellence that has been useful like a good example to follow. But it does not stop there; this good reputation gave them the assurance to teach other people like foreign students: Australia has decided to open its arms to bring others their own arms leaving its loneliness far behind. What were the influences or causes that originated this change? Was a political decision or just an adjustment for this new globalized world?
It is well-known that Australia was many years ago a British Empire colony. In times of colony, education did not exist. Well, existed but not for anyone actually because; obviously, rich people could pay for private education and the poor people had no enough money to pay for. Even, if they could pay, this did not mean that there were suitable classrooms or quality education because there had a few teachers or sometimes there had no teachers simply.
                  “If you lived in the country in the 1800s, you might be lucky enough to have a 
                   small, one room school house on land donated by a local farmer. In the city,
                   if you could not afford to attend one of the schools set up by the various churches,
                   you would most probably be tutored by the wife of the local doctor, lawyer, 
                   magistrate or other professional. No standard for education existed. Education 
                   was only available to the wealthier middle and upper classes, who could afford
                   to pay tuition. (McCreadie)
Over time, the government thought that the bad education or the lack of education resulted in crime. Therefore, the Australian government in the 1830s earmarked money to improve it and establish it.

                 The government allocated money for education and this was used to pay
                   teachers, erect and equip schoolhouses and buy necessary textbooks.
                   A government school was one which had been either set up by the
                  government or was an established school which received monies from
                  the government to continue educating children”.   (McCreadie)
Nowadays, not only the government brings education (public schools) but also there are private and Catholic schools. All of the schools – whatever is the choice- follow the same high standard curriculum framework. (Working In Australia., )
Its academic reputation is so high, so much so that the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) ranks it often as the eighth position. (Working In Australia., )
But, what is the relation with the issue of this work? Well, it is necessary to establish the differences between the past scene and the current scene to understand how education has changed and try to explain why they are offering education abroad and in Australia itself. At this last point, the reader may be wondering why they are doing that, possibly the answer is:  they are doing that because of their good results that in some way prove the right way to progress and they want to teach for everyone who wants to participate.
It is known for all that Australian education is competitive and flexible; the Australian education system has a good image in the world and it is known for its strong structure and its policy developments. It is the example to be followed for many countries, which see as in recent years it has become a multicultural country with a high quality of education and preferred by many students worldwide.
It is important to say that Australia’s laws promote quality education and consumer protection for overseas students. These laws are known as the Education Services for Overseas (ESOS) framework and they include the ESOS act 2000 and the National Code.
The Australian Government provides quality and protection of the rights of students, also, it wants overseas student in Australia to have a safe, enjoyable and rewarding place to study; in the other hand, if we ask why so many students decide to study in Australia every year, we would give several of factors which can affect their decision: Their institutions are focused on the future “boasting world-firsts in research and innovation, as well as advancements in new technologies, new cures and new ways of shaping a better, more sustainable planet. Australian qualifications are also recognized throughout the world”. (; to have academic excellence and training, The fact that Australia is an English speaking country can be the most important factor when a student must choose where to study, but this taken in conjunction with quality and a multicultural society, the recognition as both inside as out of the country, make Australia a paradise student.

But we have not yet said why Australia provides education to the world. There are many reasons; one of them is that international education provides significant economic benefits for Australia. What kind of benefits? It is a source of domestic economic growth and export industry too.
To the government, it is important the economic growth that every year is reported by the increase of foreign students, who choose Australia as their place of preparation for future employment; it is also important the tourism related to the large number of students and because of the large amount of foreigners arriving on the country each year to visit students; it is relevant to scientific and technological development, which manifests itself  in exchange professionals worldwide and their constant training.
The international education is not only a business for Australian Government, but it is also the basis of future research collaboration. We know about its remoteness from the rest of the world, but this has been its excuse for attracting the world to them. This country has proved its efficacy bringing to Australian people the opportunity to study what they want and to be employed by those that require their abilities. Australia can not afford to be isolated in a more knowledge-connected world. Its future will depend on strong international connections and openness. 


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